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As an executive recruiter, Heather has interviewed and assessed thousands of senior leaders and executives. She understands what sets stellar candidates apart from good candidates. Excited to pass along these insights, she's developed a robust coaching program, complete with specific tools that will enable you to set yourself apart from other professionals in a competitive job market.

By working with Heather, you will receive one-on-one guidance to:

1) clarify your career goals and aspirations

2) learn how to access the "hidden" job market

3) successfully build a strong and valuable network 

4) optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile, so recruiters and hiring managers will start approaching you

4) develop a powerful personal brand and career narrative

5) understand prospective employers' pain points and feel confident addressing them (something candidates rarely succeed at doing)

6) ace the behavioural interview 

7) negotiate a generous compensation package


"I had worked in several different sectors related to technology and at the time held a leadership role at a prominent not-for-profit but was looking to transition back into the private sector at a senior level. Heather helped me to successfully identify and articulate the significance and impact of my work in a way that was directly relevant to my audience while being genuine and authentic. Heather's guidance as both coach and expert also helped me approach the search and hiring process with greater confidence including how to leverage my network to navigate a prospective organization, how to seek out the right information to fully understand the work environment, and how to successfully negotiate during the offer stage. Thanks to Heather's help I was able to make a career transition and take the next step that I had been looking to do for some time."

-Joe Greenwood, VP, Data Strategy for North America, Mastercard

"Heather was the best contact I found on LinkedIn in the last 5 years. I was transitioning careers and her knowledge and guidance throughout that process – from helping me curate my story, to interview prep, to steering me through multiple executive level interviews and the offer process – was invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone who is preparing to make a career change or going through an interview process. She is a true people person and will make you feel comfortable while guiding you through a challenging process. 100% worth the money and time investment, it will pay back in dividends."

-Pippa Nutt, Chief Marketing Officer, DUCA

"I started working with Heather after graduating from a professional master's degree in the midst of COVID and a stagnant job market. Heather not only gave me the tools to help me secure a great entry level job, but reassured me that I had agency and control over my situation, and this was incredibly important for helping me stay focused and positive. I was able to target my efforts for my job hunt instead of flailing wildly. Above all, Heather helped me develop great networking skills, and the result of this is not only that I now have a job, but feel that I am a member of a professional community, which is a wonderful way to start a career."

-D'Arcy Hutton, Landscape Architect 

"I started working with Heather at a time where I had some big decisions to make about where to go next in my career. Heather was absolutely terrific to work with and provided useful, practical, and tried and tested techniques at every stage of the process: from exploring your why, understanding the power of networking, top tips for nailing the interview,  through to final negotiation techniques. Heather provided clear advice and insight into each step of the decision-making process and did so with kindness, patience, professionalism, and deep hands-on industry expertise. I highly recommend anyone eager to take their next career to the next level to think about coaching. If professional athletes have them, then why not the rest of us? And Heather is certainly your best bet in the industry to help you take the next step.  Thank you sincerely for all your support in helping me land my dream job and an incredible growth opportunity." -Senior Manager, Deloitte Canada

“Heather Spiegel is an experienced career coach whom I’ve most recently had the pleasure of working with.  I can’t say enough about Heather’s compassion, professionalism, on point advice, and the level of support she provided to me during a fast-paced stressful recruitment process. She ensured she was available to meet my needs and timelines, and was highly responsive to sometimes quick turnaround times for preparation or feedback. 

Heather partnered with me seamlessly to ensure the best chance at success for my next role. Her enthusiasm and continuous encouragement ensured setbacks turned to opportunity. Her tailored support, attention to detail, and unwavering drive to keep the forward momentum makes Heather Spiegel an amazing career coach to have on your personal team to success.

I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Heather and highly recommend her to anyone looking for growth, development, and a good person to cheer you on. Having Heather on you team is a great step to your next opportunity.

Heather, my sincere thank you!!“ - Director, Academic Health Sciences Centre

“In the past, I hadn't negotiated as effectively as I would have wanted to, and this was a BIG promotion! So engaging Heather was a no brainer and am I glad I did! Heather helped to give me some 'ground rules' and also reminded me that my organization and new boss value equity. Negotiating as a woman in a male-dominated environment can be tricky and she encouraged me to discuss the importance of equity, among other things, and it worked! I went from $143K to $177K as a result of negotiation. I am elated with the result and the support I received from my organization. But I couldn't have done it without Heather. THANK YOU, HEATHER!” -Director, Operations

"Heather, I honestly can't thank you enough for all your help, advice and support over the last few months. You went above and beyond and really helped me over the blocks that were holding me back." -Computer Programmer, Visual Effects

"Heather's help has been invaluable in helping me land a position with a new company. I attended Heather's "Job Searching During COVID-19" webinar the night before a big interview. Heather shared some really brilliant insights during the workshop (hint: don't look at your interlocutor's image on your screen - look at the camera!); I also reached out to her directly following the webinar with some additional questions. I aced the interview the following morning, and had an offer from this company by the next business day! I would strongly recommend Heather's services to anyone looking for a new role or their next career move." -Jenny Chukhovich​,

Team Manager, Disability Management Services at Canada Life

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