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Interviewing is a 2-way street

You wouldn't blindly enter into a long-term romantic relationship. Don't enter into a long-term employment relationship before doing your homework. This HBR article has some great tips on how to assess organizational fit. My two cents: 1) Ask to speak with prospective colleagues as part of the interview process. Ask them about your prospective boss' strengths as well as areas for development. I've found that how colleagues answer these questions (and how they choose their words) is quite telling. 2) Use LinkedIn to assess turnover. Is this company bleeding talent? Are people leaving after just 1-2 years with the company? This is a huge red flag and one that should be taken very seriously. You want to ensure that you're entering a supportive and collaborative environment, where people want to stick around. 3) During the interview process, ask how your performance will be measured and assessed at both the 60-day and 1-year mark. Is it a somewhat laissez-faire process, or are there firm markers in place to gauge performance? 4) Get a read on the reputation of the organization from others in the field. How is the organization viewed by clients, competitors, and peers?

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